Detective Quill

A tough-as-nails police detective.


Detective Quill is a tough-as-nails police detective who isn’t always on top of things, but never lets anything go. He’s not the best detective in the world, but he gets the job done by never giving up. He’s not a favorite at the local precinct because he failed a big case a few years ago – but he still does his job as best he can.


In 1933, a serial killer went on a rampage in Baltimore, killing young women and their lovers he found fooling around in cars. Quill, one of the few clean completely clean cops in the area, spent several months on the investigation and discovered the identity of the killer. The killer was a well-known businessman, so Quill needed absolute proof and to capture him in the act. After witnessing an attempted murder, Quill followed and tracked the killer to a warehouse, where they had a fist fight on the roof. Quill managed to knock the killer out, but fell off of the roof and was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, the killer was gone and nobody from the precinct believed the story. The killings stopped, and the perpetrator continued to live and prosper in the local business world. Quill was disgraced by this, and it widened the gap which already existed between Quill and his fellow officers of the law.

Quill has spent five years trying to live it down, and obsessing over trying to find a way to prove his story to be true, his obsession sometimes hurting his current caseload.

Detective Quill

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